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All pictures contain many subjects. For instance, we could categorize a picture of a couple kids on a playground 1) by the kids’ names, 2) by the game they are playing, 3) by the playground 4) by the season of the year, etc. The HHS has organized its picture collection by what the photographer wanted the viewer to see. If the photographer wanted to highlight the new playground equipment at the school, we put the picture with school pictures. If he or she wanted to feature kids enjoying themselves during summer vacation, we filed the picture under Children. If the children were models, showing off the latest fashions, we would file the picture under Fashion, but we don’t have any of those.

We list women by the name they used at the time of the picture. Where possible, we have added women’s birth names, e.g. Smith, Jane [b. Doe], and married names, e.g. Doe, Jane [m. Smith] where possible. We will continue to do that as information comes available.

We have organized the collection using a word-for-word, not letter-for-letter alphabetical arrangement, meaning that East Hardwick would appear ahead of Eastern Anywhere, generally following the rules set by the American Library Association.

We have subdivided the collection of pictures into large categories, and we have subdivided the large categories into subcategories when a the category grew clumsy because of its size. We think this organization gives the researcher a more browsable and informative index. Seeing all the Businesses listed together reveals a lot, and seeing them subdivided by type of business reveals even more.

Most pictures fit into a letter-sized filing folder, and we think of that as the regular size. When we need to use a legal-sized folder, we note it as Oversized. If we have pictures of the same thing in both regular and Oversized files, we put in an entry for each. For example: Birdseye view—Hardwick Village, 1892 and Birdseye view—Hardwick Village, 1892 – Oversized.

Where confusion might arise about what a category or subcategory contains, we have included notes to clarify the contents. Where multiple folders contain closely related images, we make See also references, e.g. Agriculture … See also Farms. Where we can anticipate that people might use a term we do not use, we make a See reference; e.g. Buildings—Rickard Block, See Buildings—Hill Block.

This list was most recently updated on July 16, 2020.

Aerial views — Hardwick village

Agriculture refers to processes or equipment without reference to a particular farm. See also Farms.



Agriculture – Machinery—treadmills

Agriculture—Harvesting ice

Agriculture – Haying

Agriculture—Maple sugaring



Agriculture—Pastoral scenes

Birdseye view—Hardwick Village, 1892

Birdseye view—Hardwick Village, 1892 – Oversized

Bridges—Cooper Brook Bridge, 2005

Bridges—Cottage Street Bridge

Bridges—Fisher Bridge

Bridges—Footbridge near sawmill (sawmill replaced by the motel)

Bridges—Hardwick Railroad Bridge, 1979

Bridges—Jackson Bridge, 1984

Bridges—Main Street Bridge

Bridges—Pumpkin Lane Bridge

Bridges—Smith Farm Bridge

Bridges—Snowmobile Bridge, 1981

Bridges—Swinging Bridge

Bridges—Waterman Bridge

Bridges—Wolcott Street, 2009

Buildings refers to Commercial buildings. See also Residences.

Buildings—1874 Building

Buildings—Ambrosini Office Building

Buildings—Bank Block

Buildings—Bemis Block

Buildings—Centennial House, see Hardwick Inn

Buildings—Center for Agricultural Economy Pavilion

Buildings—Cobb Block

Buildings—Daniels Building, 2005

Buildings—Depot See Hardwick Railroad Depot

Buildings—Eagle Hotel

Buildings—Flood Zone

Buildings—GRACE Building

Buildings—Gohl Building, 2009

Buildings—Hardwick Academy

Buildings—Hardwick Academy and Gymnasium

Buildings—Hardwick Area Health Center

Buildings—Hardwick Family Housing, 1984

Buildings—Hardwick Inn

Buildings—Hardwick Inn – Oversized

Buildings—Hardwick Railroad Depot, 1980

Buildings—Hardwick Town House

Buildings—Hardwick Town House — Minstrel shows

Buildings—Hill Block, 1984

Buildings—Information Center

Buildings—Jeudevine, Bickford, and Houghton Mansion

Buildings—Jim’s Gym, 1990

Buildings—Kimball Block

Buildings—Knights of Columbus Hall

Buildings—Eagle Hotel – Oversized

Buildings—Maple Street Apartments

Buildings—Marshall Building, 2009

Buildings—Masonic Temple, see also Churches—Methodist Church

Buildings—Memorial Building

Buildings—Memorial Building – Oversized

Buildings—Memorial Building — Interior shots, 2006

Buildings—New England Telephone Co, 1977

Buildings—Office, see Flood Zone

Buildings—Pilbin Garage

Buildings—Rickard Block, See Buildings—Hill Block

Buildings—Robie Tenement Building

Buildings– Rte 15 Shopping Mall

Buildings—Senior Citizens Center

Buildings—Steam Laundry

Buildings—Town Garage

Buildings—United States Post Office

Buildings—Village Fire Station, 1985

Buildings—Village Storage Building, 1985

Buildings—Wareknitters block

Buildings—Woodbury Granite Company Office Building

Buildings—Woodbury Granite Company Shed #4

Buildings—Zecchinelli Store, 1981

Businesses—Agriculture – FJ Houghton

Businesses—Agriculture – Greaves Farm Supply

Businesses—Agriculture – Hardwick Grain

Businesses—Agriculture – Honey Garden Apieriary

Businesses—Agriculture – LS Robie

Businesses—Agriculture – Rowell Brothers

Businesses—Agriculture – Vermont Milk Company

Businesses—Agriculture – Vermont Natural Castings

Businesses—Appliances – Belknap Repair

Businesses—Appliances – Chase Refrigeration and Appliances

Businesses—Appliances – Merrill Electric Company

Businesses—Artists – Fern Gallery

Businesses—Automobiles – Atkins Garage

Businesses—Automobiles – Barcomb Motors, 1985

Businesses—Automobiles – Bond Auto

Businesses—Automobiles – Brochu Cisco Service

Businesses—Automobiles – Bruce Fassett (repair shop)

Businesses—Automobiles – Clarks Garage

Businesses—Automobiles – Clouture Garage

Businesses—Automobiles – Estelles Garage

Businesses—Automobiles – Ford Garage

Businesses—Automobiles – Greensboro Garage

Businesses—Automobiles – Hardwick Motors

Businesses—Automobiles – Hay’s Service Station

Businesses—Automobiles – Howard’s Auto and Truck

Businesses—Automobiles – Lamoille Valley Ford

Businesses—Automobiles – Mike’s Gulf Station

Businesses—Automobiles – Morse’s Garage – Oversized

Businesses—Automobiles – Northeast Service Center

Businesses—Automobiles – Perry’s Global

Businesses—Automobiles – Pierce and Johnson

Businesses—Automobiles – Slayton Motors

Businesses—Banks – Caledonia National Bank

Businesses—Banks – Hardwick Savings Bank and Trust

Businesses—Banks – Merchants Bank see also Hardwick Savings Bank and Trust

Businesses—Banks – Union Bank

Businesses—Construction – Authentic Log Homes, 1977

Businesses—Construction – Brian Perry, 1985

Businesses—Construction – David Gendron Contracting

Businesses—Construction – Donald Mercier Construction

Businesses—Construction – Entwood Construction

Businesses—Construction – Hardwick Building Supply

Businesses—Construction – LG Bellavance and Sons

Businesses—Construction – LaClare Saw Mill

Businesses—Construction – Nudd Electric

Businesses—Construction – Pelletier Lumber Company

Businesses—Construction – Philip E Willey’s Building Contractor

Businesses—Construction – Poulin Lumber

Businesses—Construction – Roland Champagne, 1980

Businesses—Construction – Thermtron Insulation and Siding Company

Businesses—Construction – Tucker Saw Mill

Businesses—Energy – O’Malley Oil and Coal Company

Businesses—Energy – Rural Gas Distributing Plant

Businesses—Entertainment—Rick Norcross and the Ramblers

Businesses – Farms, 1997

Businesses – Farms—Agape Farm, 2009

Businesses – Currier-Brochu Farm

Businesses – Farms—Delaricheliere Farm

Businesses – Farms—Douse Farm—See Riverside Farm

Businesses – Farms—Forten Farm

Businesses – Farms—Hardwick Farm

Businesses – Farms—Heartbeet Farm

Businesses – Farms—Laggis Farm

Businesses – Farms—Mayo Farm

Businesses – Farms—Meyer Farm

Businesses – Farms—Michaud Farm

Businesses—Farms – Mier Farm

Businesses—Farms – NEK Miniature Horses

Businesses – Farms—Riverside Farm

Businesses – Farms—Ward Farm

Businesses—Granite—Crystal Brook Granite Company

Businesses—Granite—Fletcher Quarry

Businesses—Granite—Granite Works

Businesses – Granite—Swenson Quarry, 1984

Businesses—Granite—Woodbury Granite Company—George Stevenson at Lathe

Businesses – Granite—Woodbury Granite Company—sheds

Businesses—Groceries – Buffalo Mountain Coop

Businesses—Groceries – Cloverdale Store

Businesses—Groceries – Corner Store Food Mart

Businesses—Groceries – Elm Street Bakery

Businesses—Groceries – First National Stores

Businesses—Groceries – Grand Union

Businesses—Groceries – Hall’s Market

Businesses—Groceries – Henry’s Meats, 1930s

Businesses—Groceries – M&M Market

Businesses—Groceries – Nancy Lee Fruit Market

Businesses—Groceries – Pete’s Family Market

Businesses—Groceries – R&L Kwik Stop

Businesses—Groceries – Riverside Beverages

Businesses—Groceries – Shervino Grocery

Businesses—Groceries – Whitcomb’s Store

Businesses—Manufactures – Barr’s Better Beverage – Oversized

Businesses—Manufactures – Caspian Arms

Businesses—Manufactures – Gerald Morse Sawmill – Oversized

Businesses—Manufactures – Hardwick Knitware

Businesses—Manufactures – Hardwick Wood Pallet

Businesses—Manufactures – Home Knitters, 1981

Businesses—Manufacturer – Tri-Corp

Businesses—Manufactures – Sam Daniels Company

Businesses—Professions – Aiossa and Bucknam Law Firm, 1984

Businesses—Professions – Braun Dental

Businesses—Professions – Gohl architect

Businesses—Professions – Hardwick Dental Group

Businesses—Professions – Northern Counties Dental Center

Businesses—Professions – Northern Counties Health Center, Inc.

Businesses—Professions – Shireen Avis Fisher, Attorney

Businesses—Recreation – Coles Pond Casino

Businesses—Recreation – Haynesville Mineral Springs

Businesses—Recreation – Haynesville Mineral Springs – Oversized

Businesses—Recreation – Idle Hour Theater

Businesses—Recreation – Lanphear [snowmobile] Sales and Service

Businesses—Recreation – LeBelles Orchestra

Businesses—Recreation – Office, The [bar]

Businesses—Recreation – Rite Way Sports Shop

Businesses—Recreation – Somerset House B&B

Businesses—Recreation – Studio One [dance]

Businesses—Recreation – Village Motel

Businesses—Restaurants – Alpha Warner Restaurant

Businesses—Restaurants – Bruno’s Cafe

Businesses—Restaurants – C&E Restaurant

Businesses—Restaurants – Cakes, Candy, and Catering, 1982

Businesses—Restaurants – Chicken Coop, 1981

Businesses—Restaurants – Claire’s Restaurant, 2009

Businesses—Restaurants – Connie’s Kitchen

Businesses—Restaurants – Deli Lama Deli

Businesses—Restaurants – Fireside Restaurant

Businesses—Restaurants – Hall’s Restaurant

Businesses—Restaurants – Holy Grounds

Businesses—Restaurants – House of Pizza

Businesses—Restaurants – In a Pig’s Eye Deli and Cafe

Businesses—Restaurants – JD Elliot Restaurant

Businesses—Restaurants – Kwik Bite Snack Bar

Businesses—Restaurants – MerLu’s Restaurant

Businesses—Restaurants – Mike’s Italian restaurant See also Flood Zone

Businesses—Restaurants – Mountain View II Snack Bar

Businesses—Restaurants – Pat’s Nearly Famous BBQ

Businesses—Restaurants – Quick Bite Snack Bar

Businesses—Restaurants – Renaissance Cafe

Businesses—Restaurants – Robb Cafe

Businesses—Restaurants – TYCOS Sandwich Shop

Businesses—Restaurants – Village Restaurant

Businesses—Retail – Artfair Shop, 1977

Businesses—Retail – Bailey-Hazen Book Shop, 1984

Businesses—Retail – Brickhouse Shop, 1984

Businesses—Retail – Brooks Drug Store, 1999 See also Rite Aid Pharmacy

Businesses—Retail – Children’s Loft

Businesses—Retail – Christian Light Book Store

Businesses—Retail – Contrary Mary’s Arts and Craft

Businesses—Retail – Cox’s Pharmacy

Businesses—Retail – D&L Beverage

Businesses—Retail – Ellis Paint and Wallpaper

Businesses—Retail – Fisher’s Folly (flowers)

Businesses—Retail – Flower Basket

Businesses—Retail – Galaxy Book Shop

Businesses—Retail – Gale’s Department Store

Businesses—Retail – JEAN-IUS at Work

Businesses—Retail – Goodrich Paint Shop

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick Bakery, delivery wagon

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick Department Store

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick Hardware

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick Office Center

Businesses—Retail – Nearly New

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick News Central

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick News Stand

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick Trading Center

Businesses—Retail – Hardwick Video Store

Businesses—Retail – JH McLoud Company

Businesses—Retail – Joe LaJoy’s News Store

Businesses—Retail – Nearly New Shop

Businesses—Retail – Racette’s Dress Shop

Businesses—Retail – Rite-Aid Drug Store See also Brooks Drug Store

Businesses—Retail – Trading Center Store See Hardwick Trading Center

Businesses—Retail – Smith and Son Office Supply

Businesses—Retail – WW Marshall

Businesses—Retail – Yarn +

Businesses—Services – Buffalo Mountain Wood Storage

Businesses—Services – C.Travis Shoe Repair, 1920

Businesses—Services – Calderwood Insurance

Businesses—Services – Cooper Hill Quilt Works (Caroline Aiossa)

Businesses—Services – Figures Unlimited

Businesses—Services – FT Russell (gristmill)

Businesses—Services – Hardwick Dry Cleaners

Businesses—Services – Hardwick Gazette

Businesses—Services – Hardwick Hair Design

Businesses—Services – Hardwick Industrial Park

Businesses—Services – Hardwick Steam Laundry

Businesses—Services – Hardwick Video Store

Businesses—Services – Holcomb Funeral Home

Businesses—Services – Jeudevine Music School

Businesses—Services – Joyce LeCours Daycare

Businesses—Services – Lorraine Barnes Pre-school

Businesses—Services – M Stewart Associates [accountants]

Businesses—Services – Morse Insurance Company

Businesses—Services – Noel Lussier, Auctioneer

Businesses—Services – Northern Vermont Funeral Service

Businesses—Services – P&A Plumbing

Businesses—Services – Patch Office

Businesses—Services – R&W Bookkeeping

Businesses—Services – Recycling and Trash Depot, 2009

Businesses—Services – Sanville Realty

Businesses—Services – Shear Precision

Businesses—Services – Spot Carpet Cleaning

Businesses—Services – Threshold Studio

Businesses—Services – Tracy’s Clip Joint, 1998

Businesses—Services – Village Laundromat

Businesses—Services – WF Bill Hill Auctioneer

Businesses—Services – Wildcat Bussing Incorporated

Businesses—Services – Williams Business Agency

Businesses—Services – Willey’s Plumbing

Businesses—Transportation – Hardwick Stage

Businesses—Transportation – Taxi, 1977

Cemeteries—Main Street

Cemeteries—Sanborn Cemetery

Children lists individuals or groups of children outside a school setting, named from left to right. See also Families and Schools.

Children—Angell, Esther Rose and George Timothy

Children—Blodgett, Ruth

Children—Brochu, Kevin

Children—Cook, Pete

Children—Cross, Claude, Alfred Wheeler, Muriel Jerome, Howard Jerome, Beverly Wright, Prentiss       Jenkins, Patty Smith, Marilyn Wheeler, Blanche Brochu, Robert Brochu, from the Maple Street       neighborhood, 1950s

Children—Farr, Jettie

Children—Hancock, Marian, c. 1890

Children—Haynes, Louetta, Isabelle Hoyt, Jane Kinney

Children—Hoyt, Isabelle and Sarah Peck, 1928

Children—Kinney, James

Children—Lambert, Donald, 1982

Children—Laroe, Lisa, 1977

Children—Menrard, Keli and Jeffry, 1979

Children—Mendes, Robert and Robert Montgomery, 1980

Children—Preman, Marc, 1982

Children—Richardson, Emily, Jillian Brochu, Taylor Chase, Meryn Drown

Children—Rogers, Jesse, 2009

Children—Shattuck, Perley and Ula

Children—Strong, Wesley, 2009

Children—Zecchinelli, Justin and Jason

We list organizations within a church as a subdivision of the church. If the organization continues after a church consolidation, the listing will start with the original church followed by the new church’s name.

Churches—Baptist Church

Churches—Baptist Church—Pathfinders Women’s Group

Churches—Catholic—St. Norbert’s

Churches—Catholic—St. Norbert’s—Catholic Daughters of America

Churches—Congregational / United

Churches—Congregational / United — Good Hearted Club

Churches—Congregational / United — Groups, 1939-1941


Churches—Congregational—Sports – Baseball – KKK – Oversized

Churches—Episcopal Church

Churches—Episcopal Church – Food Pantry

Churches—Independent – Gospel Hall

Churches—Independent – Jehovah’s Witnesses – Kingdom Hall

Churches—Independent – Promised Land Ministries

Churches—Independent – Touch of Grace

Churches—Methodist, see also Masonic Temple

Churches—Methodist —People

Civil War — Veterans

Colleges—Community College of Vermont

Colleges—New Hampshire Community Technical College — Scholarship winners

Dams—Shippman Mill Dam (near Hardwick motel)

Dams—Grist Mill Dam (behind Village Restaurant)

Dams—Jackson Bridge Dam

Dams—Pottersville Dam

We list places appearing only in East Hardwick or serving predominately the East Hardwick community using the same logic that applies to the general inventory.

East Hardwick—Bridges

East Hardwick—Buildings – Apartment House

East Hardwick—Buildings – Donlon Building

East Hardwick—Buildings—Hardwick Hotel

East Hardwick—Buildings—Post Office

East Hardwick—Businesses—Agriculture – Lamoille Valley Creamery

East Hardwick—Businesses—Agriculture – Wirthmore Seeds

East Hardwick—Businesses—Automobiles – Bixby Garage

East Hardwick—Businesses—Automobiles – Gebby’s Garage

East Hardwick—Businesses—Manufacturers—Albee Sugar House

East Hardwick—Businesses—Retail – Battles Store see East Hardwick—Businesses—Retail –    McFeeters Store

East Hardwick—Businesses—Retail – Cedar Rail Flower Shop

East Hardwick—Businesses—Retail – Eastman General Store

East Hardwick—Businesses—Retail – E.P. Carpenter Drug Store

East Hardwick—Businesses—Retail – McFeeters Store

East Hardwick—Businesses—Services – Meat Lockers

East Hardwick—Churches—Baptist

East Hardwick—Churches—Baptist – Oversized

East Hardwick—Churches—Congregational

East Hardwick—Events—Community Day

East Hardwick—Falls

East Hardwick—Farms—Brondale Farm

East Hardwick—Farms—Joslyn Farm

East Hardwick—Farms—Kane Farm

East Hardwick—Organizations—Caledonia Grange #9

East Hardwick—Organizations—Scouting— Boy Scouts

East Hardwick—Railroad

East Hardwick—Railroad – Train wreck, 1944

East Hardwick—Residences – Cook, Charles

East Hardwick—Residences—Corner of Cedar and Main Streets

East Hardwick—Residences—Domey (Interior)

East Hardwick—Residences—Farr

East Hardwick—Residences—Gebbie

East Hardwick—Residences—Jennings

East Hardwick—Residences—Kane

East Hardwick—Residences—Kidder

East Hardwick—Residences—Lasure, Bev

East Hardwick—Residences—Michaud

East Hardwick—Residences—Moffatt

East Hardwick—Residences—Patch

East Hardwick—Residences—Smith

East Hardwick—Residences—Stevens

East Hardwick—Rivers – Lamoille River

East Hardwick—Roads – By-Pass

East Hardwick—School

East Hardwick—School – Class, 1940

East Hardwick—School – Classes

East Hardwick—Social Events – Sugar Party – Oversized

East Hardwick—Streets—Hardwick Street

East Hardwick—Streets—Main Street

East Hardwick—Streets—Main Street – Oversized

East Hardwick—Streets—School Street

East Hardwick—Village

East Hardwick—Winter

Events include regular or repeated community activities.

Events—Fall Foliage Festival

Events—Fire Works Preparation

Events—French Heritage Festival, 1984

Events—Green-Up Day

Events—Hardwick Fall Foliage Craft Fair

Events—Hardwick Fiddlers Contest, 1984, 1987

Events—Hardwick Spring Festival, 1966, 1991

Events—Policemen’s Ball, 1977

Events—Reggae Festival, 1998

Events—Tulip Festival, 1949 – Planting

Events—Tulip Festival, 1950, 1952

Events—Tulip Festival, 1953

Events—Tulip Festival, 1954

Events—Tulip Festival, 1955

Events—Tulip Festival, 1957

Events—Tulip Festival, 1957 – Cubmobiles

Events—Tulip Festival, 1958 – Art

Events—Tulip Festival, 1958 – Cubmobiles

Events—Tulip Festival, 1958 – Festival Queen Candidates

Events—Tulip Festival, 1958 – Floats

Events—Tulip Festival, 1958 – Officials

Events—Tulip Festival, 1959

Events—Tulip Festival, undated – Cubmobiles

We list Families by the adult male, e.g., Families—Ambrosini, Fosco and Helen, unless a woman heads it, e.g., Families—Badger, Helen, or the collection covers multiple generations, e.g. Families—Angell. See also Children, Friends, Individuals, and Weddings and Engagements

Families—Ainsworth, Josh, 2005

Families—Ainsworth, Stanley, 1977

Families—Ainsworth, Wendell, 1999

Families—Ambrosini, Fosco and Helen

Families—Anair, Ray and Lucy


Families—Atkins, Fred and Earline

Families—Atkins, Leonard and Verna

Families—Badger, Helen

Families—Baker, Penny


Families—Bates, Safford Charles

Families—Bedell, Al and Henrietta

Families—Bellevance, Bert and Joyce

Families—Bellavance, Joseph and Lorraine

Families—Bellavance, Laurent

Families—Bradford, John and Hattie

Families—Bridgman, George W. and Dorman

Families—Briggs, Robert and Madine (?)

Families—Brochu, Albert and Darlene

Families—Brochu, Elodie and Davila

Families—Brochu, John

Families—Brochu, Joseph

Families—Brochu, Lionel(Red) and Shirley

Families—Brochu, Michael and Jeannette

Families—Brochu, Odias

Families—Brown, Philip and Patricia

Families—Buck, John and Tracy

Families—Buckley, Brendan

Families—Bumps, Pearl

Families—Burnham, David and Katherine

Families—Calderwood, Scott and Maria

Families—Camp, Gerald and Joan

Families—Carey, Edward and Mary

Families—Carr, Howard and Ruth

Families—Carter, George

Families—Cassavant, Cora

Families—Chaffee, Leland

Families—Chouinard, Julian and Ester

Families—Cleveland, Raymond and Rosie

Families—Cleveland, Roger and Ruth

Families—Clow, Clayton

Families—Cobb, Roscoe and Leone

Families—Colburn, Harvey and Shirley

Families—Coolbeth, Earl and Barbara

Families—Daniels, Elwyn, Jr. (Bobsie)

Families—Daniels, Patricia Gallant

Families—Darling, Sumner

Families—Davis, Gloria

Families—Davison, Kelly and Jackie

Families—Delarichelliere, Justin

Families—Delarichelliere, Marc and Doris

Families—Demers, George and Bernadette

Families—Demers, Laurent and Antoinette

Families—Densmore, Raymond and Sal

Families—DesGroseilliers, John and Marge

Families—Dickson, John

Families—Douse, Dot

Families—Driscoll, David and Claire

Families—Drown, Arthur and Dorothy

Families—Ducharme, Karen

Families—Dufesne, Emile and Jeanne

Families—Dunbar, Brian

Families—Earle, Sydney and Blanche

Families—Eastman, Philip

Families—Eldred, Heather

Families—Farr, Fred and Evangeline

Families—Farr, Gene and Lynne

Families—Farr, Iva

Families—Ferland, Davila and Delina

Families—Ferland, Pat and Theresa

Families—Ferland, Sharon

Families—Ferris, Alson

Families—Ferris, Ron and Fran

Families—Fontain, Roger and Estelle

Families—Forant, Jim and Edna

Families—Foss, Vern

Families—Fournier, Emile and Margueritte

Families—Fradette, Arsene and Denise

Families—Fradette, Sharon

Families—Frederick, Paul and Diana

Families—Fullerton, George and Nellie

Families—Gagetta, Bruno and Eleanor (b. Young)

Families—Gagnon, Alan and Mary

Families—Gaillard, David and Ruth

Families—Gates, Arthur

Families—Gates, Ed

Families—Gifford, Gilbert

Families—Gifford, Perley and Arlene

Families—Hale, David and Shelly

Families—Hall, Gerald and Geneva

Families—Hall, Jim and Pat

Families—Hammel, Roger

Families—Hayden, Heidi Weglars

Families—Hayden, Stacey

Families—Heath,William Sr.

Families—Hill, Aaron

Families—Hill, Charlotte

Families—Hill, Steve and Elaine

Families—Hodgdon, Archie and Bobby

Families—Hodgdon, Archie and Ilean

Families—Hodgdon, Lori

Families—Holton, Adolphus

Families—Horner, Forest

Families—Houston, Paul and Frances

Families—Hudson, Dan

Families—Isham, Rupert and Pauline

Families—Jerome, Kelly and Kerry

Families—Jeudevine, Alden

Families—Jewett, Earl and Emiline


Families—Kentish, Edward, 1988

Families—King, Gary and Betty

Families—Kinnear, Willy

Families—Kirkpatrick, Floyd and Ula

Families—Kovach, Richard

Families—Lacroix, Victoria

Families—LaJoy, Joe and Belle

Families—Lamore, Morris and Rosemarie

Families—Lanphear, Wyman and Joyce

Families—LaRoe, Gerald and Carol

Families—LeBlanc, Joseph and Rita

Families—LeCours, David and Suzanne

Families—LeCours, Roger

Families—LeCours, Sam and Violet

Families—Lemay, Alphege and Anne Marie [b. Brochu]

Families—Lemire, Myrtle

Families—Libbey, Harvey and Lola

Families—Lindmer, Dan and Willie

Families—Lorry, Victoria

Families—Lussier, Antonio and Georgianna

Families—Lussier, Noel and Barbara


Families—May, Billy and Betty, 1988

Families—Mayo, David and Judy

Families—McAdam, Fred and Jesslyn

Families—McAllister, Russell


Families—Menard, Ivan, 2009

Families—Mercier, Emile

Families—Mercier, Henry

Families—Merrill, David and Joyce

Families—Meyer, Stephen

Families—Michaud, Walter and Theresa

Families—Michaud, Yvon and Marie Paule

Families—Moffett, Una

Families—Moffett, Wade

Families—Moffett, Walden

Families—Molleur, Paul and Theresa

Families—Molleur, Paulette [m. Colburn]


Families—Montgomery, Craig and Louise

Families—Mosher, Chandler

Families—Neill, Cecil and Gertrude

Families—Noble, Greg and Lara

Families—O’Connor, June

Families—Paine, George and Charlotte

Families—Pape, Frank and Beverly

Families—Paquette, Olive

Families—Patten, Harold

Families—Peake, Rupert and Gertrude

Families—Perry, Melvin, Jr. and Sandra

Families—Powers, Amos

Families—Prescott, Harold and Eva

Families—Pudvah, Bernard and Frances

Families—Rafferty, Brian and Gamble, Judy

Families—Renaud, Danielle and Megan

Families—Renaud, Rosaire and Alice

Families—Renaud, Roland and Marie

Families—Rich, Harold and Marjorie

Families—Richter, Eric and Caroline

Families—Rogers, Milton and Nancy

Families—Rowell, Percy and Gladys

Families—Savoie, Leon

Families—Shedd, Tim

Families—Shepard, Wendell and Beverly

Families—Sholan, James and Leona

Families—Smith, Robert

Families—Saari, Albert

Families—Speir, Carlos and Doris

Families—Stevens, Almont (Buster) and Marilyn

Families—Sullivan, Helen

Families—Sweetland, Robert and Laurel

Families—Thompson, Burleigh and Margaret

Families—Thompson, Jule and Harriet

Families—Travers, Frank and Florence


Families—Trow, George C.

Families—Urie, Larry and Joan

Families—Valentine, George and Sandy

Families—Vogan, Gerry and Karen

Families—Ward, Edward

Families—Wells, Dick and Janice

Families—Wheatly, William and Cora

Families—Whipple, Gary

Families—Williams, Art and Fran

Families—Williams, Earle and Margaret

Families—Young, Bob and Priscilla

Families—Zecchinelli, Allen and Phyllis

Families—Zecchinelli, Vincent

Fires—American Legion Post (Brush Street), 1949

Fires—Anair Granite Co. (Wolcott Street), 1952

Fires – Benway, Betty (Rte. 14 South), 1984

Fires—Butterfield, Greg and Ruth Behring (Bunker Hill), 1980

Fires—Carr, Howard Residence (East Haedwick), 1983

Fires—Cotnoir Farm (West Hill), 1981

Fires—Drown, James (Center Road), 1985

Fires—Fisher, George (Maple Street), 1980

Fires—Hale, Gordon (Elm Street), 1980

Fires—Hardwick Academy Auditorium/Gymnasium (North Main Street), 1959

Fires—Main Street, 1903, 1992

Fires—McAllister, Roaul and JoAnne (Lower Cherry St.), 1985

Fires—McLoud Block (Mill Street), 1971

Fires—MerLu’s Restaurant (Main Street), 1992

Fires—Molleur, Robert (East Hardwick), 1985

Fires—Patoine, Laurent , House (Mackville), 1979

Fires—Prescott, Harold and Eva (Highland Avenue), 1977

Fires—Richards, Henry (Highland Avenue)

Fires—Williams Block (Mill Street), 1982



Floods—1942–Wolcott Street

Floods—1964 – Ice Jam





Floods—2010–Ice Jam


Floods—Ice Jams—Unidentified

Friends includes groups of people gathered together for sociability. They are listed according to the caption on the back. See also Events, Families, Individuals, Organizations, Recreation, Schools, Sports, and Weddings and Engagements

Friends — Adams, Gregory, Jr., Michael Fassett, David Thompson, John Miserak, 1977

Friends—Adams, C.M; Hazel Calderwood, Evelyn Lyford, Howard Merrill, Gerald Ladd, Eldred Ladd, Robert Renaud, Carroll Rowell, 1935

Friends—Aiossa, Caroline, Dan O’Connor, Jane Johns, Betty O’Connor, 1984

Friends—Appolt, Ed and Perley Shattuck, c. 1905

Friends—Appolt, Ed, Frank Carr, Paul Stormy, Arnold Coates, Bill Hill

Friends—Badger, Durwood and Willard Bugbee, 1984

Friends—Badger, Woodrow, Amelia Barcomb, Ralph Whitney, Marguerite and Lewis Dufresne, c.1935

Friends—Bessette, Dona, Jeannette Brochu, JoAnn McAllister, with Sen. Pat Leahy, 1980

Friends—Brown, Gary, Wendell Hasting, Julie McCoy— splitting wood, 1983

Friends—Cottage Street Gang, c. 1945

Friends—Daniels, Elwyn, Ken Atkins, Keith Morrison, Pete Tremblay, Ferdenand Lemay, Bill Hill,        1953

Friends—Davis, Marjorie, Kay O’Malley, Evaden Gilcris, Clare Robb, c. 1950

Friends—Davison, Jim, Dave Coolbeth, 1985

Friends—Densmore, Cheryl and Linda Gomes (sisters)

Friends—Donald, Mary H., Helen Foss, c.1900

Friends—Dr. Warren and Dr. Kinney, 1958

Friends—Earle, Theresa, Lorraine Kish, Phyllis Zecchenelli

Friends—Fisher, George and Hazel, Joe and Marie Ange LaVertu, Loretta Sullivan, Mary Sullivan          Renaud, late 1950s

Friends—Gilbert, Cheryl, Clair Denton, Penny Tolman, 1985

Friends—Gilcris, Evaden, Joyce Slayton, ? , Jay Slayton, Margorie Davis, Annette Couture, c. 1950

Friends—Greaves, Hazel, Evie Foss, 1980

Friends—Knapp, Vesta, Irene Lambert, Helen Lambert, Hazel Stevens, Jessie Sawyer, c. 1916

Friends—Lambert, Irene, Jessie Sawyer, Bessie Leach, 1919

Friends—Larrabee, Guy and Earl Jennings, c. 1918

Friends—LeCours, Denis and Dante McPherson, 2009

Friends—Pecor, Larry, Wendell Ainsworth, Donald Richardson, Donald Allen, Lionel Dufresne, George Whitney, 1977

Friends—Perry, Ruby, Sanford Dix, Bernard Perry, 1985

Friends—Pisanelli, Joan, Janet Bird, Clare Robb, ?, Evaden Gilcris, c. 1950

Friends—Strong, Marge, Judy Strong, Ardys Luther, Gail O’Brien

Friends—Traynor, William and Durwood Chase, c. 1924

Friends—Wood, Paul and Elwyn (Bobsy) Daniels

Groups—six women, c. 1900 – Oversized

Hardwick–History–Centennial, 1891

Hardwick– Souvenir Photos, 1906

Hardwick, Town of—Act 250

Hardwick, Town of—Economic development, 1987

Hardwick, Town of—Electric Department

Hardwick, Town of—Electric Department—Power Plant

Hardwick, Town of—Electric Department—Power Plant – Oversized

Hardwick, Town of—Fire Department

Hardwick, Town of—Officials, c.1970s

Hardwick, Town of—Police Department

Hardwick, Town of—Public Meetings

Hardwick, Town of—Public Works Dept.

Hardwick, Town of—Recreation Committee

Hardwick, Town of—Revitalization Grant, 1981

Hardwick, Town of—Select Board

Hardwick, Town of—Sewer Plant

Hardwick, Town of—Town and Village Merger

Hardwick, Town of—Town Clerks

Hardwick, Town of—Town Meetings

Hardwick, Town of—Water and Sewer Department

Hardwick, Town of—Water Treatment Plant

Hardwick Village—Panoramic views – Oversized

Hardwick, Village of—Officials

Hardwick, Village of—Street Department

Hardwick, Village of—Town and Village Merger see Hardwick, Town of—Town and Village Merger

Hardwick, Village of—Village Meetings


For decades, The Hardwick Gazette had a regular column featuring children at their first birthday. The I’m One category includes pictures of children at or about 1 year of age, organized by the year in which their picture appeared in the paper.

I’m One, 1978

I’m One, 1979

I’m One, 1980

I’m One, 1981

I’m One, 1982

I’m One, 1983

I’m One, 1984

I’m One, 1985

I’m One, 1988

I’m One, 1996

I’m One, 1997

I’m One, 1998

I’m One, 1999

I’m One, 2000

I’m One, 2004

I’m One, 2005

I’m One, 2009

I’m One, 2013

Individuals includes pictures, frequently studio portraits, of a single person. See also Families and  Friends. Women appear under the name they had when pictured. A note in square brackets behind a  name indicates either their married name [m. Doe] or their birth name [b. Doe]. Names in parentheses are nicknames. A date after a name indicates that the folder contains a picture of that date. Those with no dates contain multiple pictures taken at different times.

Individuals—Aiken, D.W.

Individuals—Aiken, Gayleen, 2005


Individuals—Ainsworth, Orise [b. Dufresne], 1984

Individuals—Alexander, Kaleb, 2005

Individuals—Allaire, Noah, 2009

Individuals—Allen, David, 1980

Individuals—Allen, Patty [b. Larrabee], 1985

Individuals—Allen, Pauline, 1979

Individuals—Allen, Trey, 2007

Individuals—Alston, Doug, 1980

Individuals—Alston, Reginald, 1979

Individuals—Anair, Alfred, 2013

Individuals—Anair, Dick, 1982

Individuals—Angell, Carolyn, c. 1945

Individuals—Angell, Esther Rose

Individuals—Angell, George Timothy

Individuals—Angell, Lucille

Individuals—Angell, Timothy Edward

Individuals—Angell, Warren Frederick

Individuals—Archer, Betty, 1977

Individuals—Arnell, Bobby, 1999

Individuals—Atwood, Matt, 2009

Individuals—Augutinowitz, Michael, 2005

Individuals—Avery, Lucian, 2000

Individuals—Badger, Durwood, 1977

Individuals—Badger, Red, 2009

Individuals—Bagley, Jim, 2004

Individuals—Bailey, David, 2009

Individuals—Bailey, Larry, 1981

Individuals—Baker, Wade, 2009

Individuals—Barclay, Kate, 1998

Individuals—Barnes, Greg, 1982

Individuals—Barnes, Lorraine, 1979

Individuals—Barr, Rhonda, 1983

Individuals—Batten, Anne

Individuals—Batten, James

Individuals—Batten, Kenneth, 1977

Individuals—Bedell, Almon

Individuals—Beede, Lloyd

Individuals—Bellavance, Angela, 1985

Individuals—Bellavance, Connie [b. Casavant],

Individuals—Bellavance, Conrad, 1975

Individuals—Bellavance, Robert, 1979

Individuals—Bellavance, Laurent (Zoom),

Individuals—Bellavance, Tracey, 1999

Individuals—Belote, Jeff, 1999

Individuals—Bessette, Dona

Individuals—Bickford, George F.

Individuals—Bilquin, Trevor, 2009

Individuals—Bird, Lenore [m. Renaud], 1983

Individuals—Blight, Gary, 1982

Individuals—Bogart, Steven, 1982

Individuals—Bolieu, Lynn, 1981

Individuals—Bonantony, Dorothy, 1982

Individuals—Bovatt, Donna, 1978

Individuals—Bovatt, Lisa, 1985

Individuals—Boyd, Billy, 2009

Individuals—Bridges, Robert, 2000

Individuals—Brochu, Adrien

Individuals—Brochu, Charlie, 1984

Individuals—Brochu, Jessica, 2005

Individuals—Brochu, Lydia [m. Batten], 1977

Individuals—Brochu, Marsha [b. Kallahan]

Individuals—Brochu, Mike, 2009

Individuals—Brochu, Patricia

Individuals—Brochu, Shirley [b. Larrabee], 2009

Individuals—Brown, Arthur,

Individuals—Brown, Ben, 2005

Individuals—Brown, Chere, 1977

Individuals—Brown, Connie Bird [2nd m. Kapusta], 1983

Individuals—Brown, Guy, 1987

Individuals—Brown, Kenneth, 1997

Individuals—Bryan, Frank, 1984

Individuals—Buckley, Brendan,

Individuals—Bucknam, Charlie, 1985

Individuals—Bucknam, Deborah, 1981

Individuals—Bunde, Ruth

Individuals—Burbank, Lauren Joy, 1983

Individuals—Burnham, Ken, 197?

Individuals—Calcagni, Irma, c. 1930

Individuals—Calcagni, Martha, 197?

Individuals—Camp, Gerald, 1977

Individuals—Campbell, Mike, 1972

Individuals—Cardosi, Libia, c. 1929

Individuals—Cardosi, Pola, 1934

Individuals—Cathcart, Charles, 2005

Individuals—Cathcart, Lisa, 1998

Individuals—Chabot, Ed, 1981

Individuals—Chabot, Matt, 1981

Individuals—Chadwick, Evelyn, 1982

Individuals—Chapin, Merrill, 1977

Individuals—Chase, Joyce [b. Geoffrey] [1st m Phelps], 2009

Individuals—Chase, Mary [b. Marckres], 1977

Individuals—Chase, Taylor, 2005

Individuals—Clark, Marlene [b. Jamieson], 2009

Individuals—Clow, Clayton, 1979

Individuals—Clow, Kathy, 1979

Individuals—Coates, Jeffrey

Individuals—Coates, Stephen

Individuals—Colburn, Harvey, 1979

Individuals—Collins, Tom, 1984

Individuals—Connelly, Sawyer, 2005

Individuals—Coolbeth, Bonnie Sue, 1981

Individuals—Coolbeth, Sherman, 1982

Individuals—Cooley, Delores, 1977

Individuals—Corrow, Bette, 1981

Individuals—Corson, Frank Earle, 1967

Individuals—Coultas, Patty, 2009

Individuals—Courchaine, Delia, 1977

Individuals—Courchaine, Owen, 2005

Individuals—Couture, Annette, 197?

Individuals—Cox, Luola Eldridge

Individuals—Crane, W.D.

Individuals—Cummings, Frank, c. 1929

Individuals—Cummings, Philip, c. 1926

Individuals—Daniels, Bea, 1942

Individuals—Daniels, Ezoa [m. Goodrich], 1942

Individuals—Darling, Sumner, Sr., c 1900 (Interior shot)

Individuals—Davis, Edgar, 2005

Individuals—Davis, Florence (m. Beard), c 1940

Individuals—Davis, Harold, c. 1917

Individuals—Davis, Ken, 1982

Individuals—Davis, Marjorie, c. 1950

Individuals—DeCell, Sheila, 1977

Individuals—DeGoosh, Debbie, 1983

Individuals—DeGoosh, Janice [m. Vogan], 1983

Individuals—DeMag, Fred, 1999

Individuals—Demars, Alfred, c. 1940

Individuals—Demers, Mary Jane, c. 1900

Individuals—Demers, Nancy [b. Brochu], 1997

Individuals—Densmore, Raymond

Individuals—Deschamps, Olive, 1977

Individuals—desGroseilliers, John

Individuals—desGroseilliers, Marge, 197?

Individuals—Devenger, Beth, 1972

Individuals—Deyo, Victor, 1981

Individuals—Dickenson, Estella

Indviduals—Dickson, Elizabeth, 1979

Individuals—Dickson, Hazel, 1984

Individuals—Dimick, Barry, 1967

Individuals—Dimick, Donna (with Nicaraguan exchange student), 1977

Individuals—Dimick, Wendell, 2009

Individuals—Donlin, Francis (Dump)

Individuals—Dow, David M., 1984

Individuals—Doten, Marion, c. 1900

Individuals—Dreschler, Catherine [b. Young], 1979

Individuals—Drown, James, 1984

Individuals—Dubuque, Gary, 1977

Individuals—Dubuque, Martha, 1984

Individuals—Duby, Betty, c1942

Individuals—Ducharme, Karen, 2000

Individuals—Dufresne, Eugene, 1977

Individuals—Dufresne, Jeanne Bellavance, 1981

Individuals—Dufresne, Leona [m. Smith], 1972

Individuals—Dunn, Arah

Individuals—Dunn, James C., d. 1864

Individuals—Duquette, Gerard, 197?

Individuals—Duquette, Jeanne, 1979

Individuals—Durgin, Lester, 1977

Individuals—Dziobek, Jim

Individuals—Earle, Wendell, 1984

Individuals—Eastman, Alberta [b. Pinard], 1983

Individuals—Edgar, Timothy, 2009

Individuals—Farr, Lynn, 1977

Individuals—Farr, Wayne, 2005

Individuals—Faughn, Thomas, 1979

Individuals—Fee, Alice, 1983

Individuals—Fellows, Ted, 1977

Individuals—Ferland, Brad

Individuals—Fisher, George

Individuals—Fisher, Ralph, 2009

Individuals—Fisher, Sally, c. 1930

Individuals—Flanders, Anne, 1977

Individuals—Forant, Stephanie, 1999

Individuals—Ford, Charles, Jr., 1984

Individuals—Foss, Britney, 2009

Individuals—Foster, Roberta [b. Hall]

Individuals—Foster, Scott, 2000

Individuals—Fradette, Sdita, 1999

Individuals—Frampton, Merle E., c1950

Individuals—Friedman, Gladys, 1977

Individuals—Fuller, Sheila [m. Smith], 1979

Individuals—Gaboriault, Beatrice, 1977

Individuals—Gaboriault, Marguerite, 1985

Individuals—Gaboriault, Mike, 1960

Individuals—Gagetta, Dora, 1933

Individuals—Gagnon, Julie Ann, 1982

Individuals—Gallagher, Edward M., c.1900

Individuals—Galli, Elda, c. 1929

Individuals—Gamble, Susan [b. Rowell]

Individuals—Gates, Allen, 2009

Individuals—Gates, Helen, 2004

Individuals—Gaudette, Ila, 1980

Individuals—Gauthier, Arthur, 1977

Individuals—Gebbie, Lester, 1980

Individuals—Gelineau, Armand, 2009

Individuals—Gendron, Elaine [b. Mercier], 1982

Individuals—Gendron, Mary Claire, 1981

Individuals—Genovesi, Mark, 1977

Individuals—Gilblair, Tracy, 2000

Individuals—Gile, Hazel [b. Pope], 1984

Individuals—Godfrey, Elaine, c. 2003

Individuals—Gomez, Richard, 2004

Individuals—Goodrich, Alberta, 1979

Individuals—Goodrich, Dan, 1984

Individuals—Goodrich, Ezoa, 1979

Individuals—Graham, Charles M., 1982

Individuals—Gras, Alfred, 1977

Individuals—Gravel, Rita [m. Richardson], 1984

Individuals—Greenwood, Nancy, c. 1935

Individuals—Grow, Blaine,

Individuals—Hackett, Jean

Individuals—Hall, John, 1981

Individuals—Hall, Lance, 2005

Individuals—Hall, Marjorie, c. 1930

Individuals—Hamel, Larry

Individuals—Hamel, Lise Fradette, 1980

Individuals—Hancock, ? (Marian Hancock’s mother), c. 1890

Individuals—Hancock, John

Individuals—Hark, Denise Lemay LeCours

Individuals—Harrington, Steve, 1982

Individuals—Hartrich, Paulette, 1977

Individuals—Harvey, Clayton, 1977

Individuals—Harvey, Eldridge, 1977

Individuals—Hay, Julie, 1983

Individuals—Hay, Ruth Janet, 1977

Individuals—Hayes, Ellen, 1996

Individuals—Henchel, Judy, 1982

Individuals—Hill, Aaron, 2009

Individuals—Hill, Alma, 2001

Individuals—Hill, Bill

Individuals—Hill, Dan

Individuals—Hill, Janet, 2005

Individuals—Hill, Mary, 1983

Individuals—Hobbs, Ruth [b. Leonard], c. 1940

Individuals—Holcomb, Frances

Individuals—Holcomb, Steve, 1980

Individuals—Holton, Jonathan, c. 1800

Individuals—Hooker, Mildred, c. 1920

Individuals—Hopkins, Kevin, 1983

Individuals—Houriet, Robert, 1985

Individuals—Hovey, Elwyn (Tunky), 1942

Individuals—Hovey, Wallace, 1977

Individuals—Howard, Bonnie [b. Martin], 1977

Individuals—Howard, Jan

Individuals—Howard, Peg [b. Marcy], 1985

Individuals—Hudson, Daniel

Individuals—Hunt, Dave, 1984

Individuals—Hussey, Earle, 1977

Individuals—Hussey, Lorraine [b. Lavertu]

Individuals—Hutchinson, Allen, 1977

Individuals—Isham, Austin, Jr., 2000

Individuals—Jackson, Ralph, c. 1928

Individuals—Johns, Jane [b. Tousant] [1st m. LaPierre], 2001

Individuals—Johnson, Annabel Young, 1906

Individuals—Johnson, Lorraine Atkins

Individuals—Judkins, Patti, 1983

Individuals—Kane, Judith, 1977

Individuals—Kane, Rachel, 2009

Individuals—Kane, Tom, 1988

Individuals—Kapusta, John, 1982

Individuals—Kellogg, Roger, 1982

Individuals—Keene, Edward, 1979

Individuals—Kennedy, Pauline Jean, 1984

Individuals—Keough, Jamie, 1998

Individuals—Keough, Howard, 2009

Individuals—Kerr, Charles, 1996

Individuals—Kibbee, Dot, 2004

Individuals—Kinney, Linda, 1980

Individuals—Klingler, Ken, 1979

Individuals—Knapp, Vesta, 1919

Individuals—Kruger, Wendy, 2009

Individuals—Kyle, Juanita, 1979

Individuals—LaBree, Aldea, 2009

Individuals—LaCasse, Brian G., 1980

Individuals—LaCasse, Pauline, 1977

Individuals—LaFlamme, Julien, c. 1977

Individuals—LaViolette, Erlene, 1980

Individuals—Lagasse, Emeril, 2009

Individuals—Laggis, Chris, 1985

Individuals—Laggis, Pat, 1980

Individuals—Laird, Ernest, 1981

Individuals—Lambert, Helen [m. Easton], 1919

Individuals—Lamere, Bambi, c. 1975

Individuals—Lamere, Katherine, 1974

Individuals—Landry, Faith, 1983

Individuals—Lane, Florence Taylor, 1977

Individuals—Lanphear, Wyman

Individuals—Larrabee, Guy, c1945

Individuals—Larsen, Margaret Ann, 2009

Individuals—Larsen, Robert, 1981

Individuals—Lawless, Ann, 1982

Individuals—LeBlanc, Gail, 1984

Individuals—LeBlanc, Patti (b. Johns), 1983

Individuals—LeClair, Robyn, 1984

Individuals—LeCours, David, 2009

Individuals—LeCours, Deborah, 1982

Individuals—LeCours, Patrick, 1981

Individuals—LeCours, Roger, 1984

Individuals—Lemay, Michael, 1979

Individuals—Leriche, Jeannine, 1981

Individuals—Leriche, Lucy, 1988

Individuals—LeVeer, Arthur J. c. 1935

Individuals—Lichenstein, Mark, 1982

Individuals—Ling, Sharon Cate,

Individuals—Lingenfelter, Marguerite, 1981

Individuals—Little, Todd W, 1983

Individuals—Loura, Beverly (m. Phelps)

Individuals—Lovinsky, Jim, c1990

Individuals—Lumsden, Elizabeth, 2005

Individuals—Luneau, Marc, 1983

Individuals—Lurvey, Gloria, 2004

Individuals—Lussier, Jon, 1977

Individuals—MacLellan, Gordon, 1977

Individuals—McCarthy, Joe, 1985

Individuals—McCoy, Brent, 1999

Individuals—McGough, Gertrude, c. 1930

Individuals—Mack, Mary Kate, c. 1900

Individuals—Mader, Brad, 2005

Individuals—Magoon, Vesta Knapp, 1977

Individuals—Mahoun-Volk, Kathleen, 1985

Individuals—Maloney, Don, 1981

Individuals—Manning, David, 2009

Individuals—Martin, Melissa, 2000

Individuals—Martin, Roger, 1977

Individuals—Martin, Sue, 1983

Individuals—Martineau, Janice [m. Perry] [m. Tatro], 1982

Individuals—Matthews, Mary, 1980

Individuals—Madeira’s, Frank, 1980

Individuals—Mendes, Lisa [m. DeLaricheliere], 1983

Individuals—Mercier, Kathi Ann, 1999

Individuals—Mercier, Mary, 1980

Individuals—Mercier, Phil, 1981

Individuals—Meyer, Andrew

Individuals—Michaud, Allen

Individuals—Michaud, Angela, 1984

Individuals—Michaud, Daniel David, 2000

Individuals—Michaud, Travis

Individuals—Miles, Florence, 1977

Individuals—Mitchell, Joyce [b. Slayton], 2009

Individuals—Moffett, Shirley

Individuals—Molleur, Anne [m. Hanson], 1984

Individuals—Molleur, William, 2009

Individuals—Morrill, Savannah, 2005

Individuals—Morgan, Sarah

Individuals—Morse, Dave, c2000

Individuals—Morse, George A., c1920

Individuals—Morse, Melvin Gregg

Individuals—Moulton, Bob, 1982

Individuals—Moulton, Cindy, 1981

Individuals—Moulton, Rob

Individuals—Moynihan, Dorothy, 1937

Individuals—Neil, James C., 1984

Individuals—Nelson, Alma, 1926

Individuals—Norcross, Rick

Individuals—Norton, Sheila, 1982

Individuals—Notterman, Helmut, 1984

Individuals—Notterman, Nancy, 1981

Individuals—Nunn, Lucille, 1929

Individuals—Ober, Mary, c. 1890

Individuals—O’Brien, Joseph, 1977

Individuals—O’Connor, Dan, 1977

Individuals—O’Malley, Elizabeth (Betty) Gifford [m. Roy], 1978

Individuals—O’Malley, Kathleen

Individuals—Owen, Sue, 1977

Individuals—Parker, Scudder

Individuals—Patch, Edna, 197?

Individuals—Patoine, Frank, 1980

Individuals—Patoine, Loretta, 2004

Individuals—Patoine, Penny, 1983

Individuals—Patoine, Rosa, 1977

Individuals—Pepe, Amy, 2009

Individuals—Pequignot, Robert

Individuals—Perkins, Bob, 1982

Individuals—Perron, Ida, 1980

Individuals—Perry, Bruce, 1979

Individuals—Perry, David

Individuals—Perry, Dorothy, 2000

Individuals—Persons, Ralph, 1981

Individuals—Phelps, Joyce, 1979

Individuals—Phelps, John, 1984

Individuals—Phelps, Sarah, c. 1890

Individuals—Pinard, Joseph, c. 1930

Individuals—Platka, Bob, 1984

Individuals—Poff, Denise, 1971

Individuals—Poff, Gary, 1985

Individuals—Potter, James, 1982

Individuals—Pound, Thomas, 2009

Individuals—Prescott, Harold

Individuals—Prescott, Terry, 1977

Individuals—Pritchard, Marvin, 2009

Individuals—Proper, Ernest, c. 1950

Individuals—Pudvah, Bernard, 1982

Individuals—Putvain, Bonita Jo

Individuals—Putvain, Bryan, 1979

Individuals—Putvain, Joseph Francis, 1999

Individuals—Putvain, Kimberly, 2000

Individuals—Raymond, Jim, 2009

Individuals—Rawson, Rhonda, 2000

Individuals—Renaud, Fidelle “Fido”, 1977

Individuals—Renaud, Gail [b. Tousant], 1983

Individuals—Renaud, Gerry, 1979

Individuals—Riach, Betty [m. Atkins], c1930

Individuals—Riach, Bobby, c.1950

Individuals—Richardson, Bruce

Individuals—Richardson, Delores [b. LeBlanc], 1977

Individuals—Richardson, Karen [b. Williams], 1996

Individuals—Richter, Emily, 1996

Individuals—Richter, Eric, 1977

Individuals—Rickard, Jane, c. 1925

Individuals—Robb, Clare, c1955

Individuals—Robb, Jayne Anne, 1977

Individuals—Robb, William, 1977

Individuals—Robinson, Nancy Ann, c. 2000

Individuals—Rochester, Lucinda [m. Smith], 2009

Individuals—Rodriguez, Norman, 1999

Individuals—Rogers, David, 2005

Individuals—Rogers, Dean, 1974

Individuals—Rogers, Milton, 1983

Individuals—Rowell, Carroll, 1981

Individuals—Royer, Larry, 1985

Individuals—Rudolph, Bonnie, 1980

Individuals—Rutledge, Everett, c. 1920

Individuals—Salls, Louise Houston Hale, 2009

Individuals—Sanborn, Donald, 1979

Individuals—Sawyer, Susan

Individuals—Scanlon, Helen, 1982

Individuals—Schaefer, Mike, 2005

Individuals—Schaffer, Bob, 1984

Individuals—Scharrenberg, Linda, 1977

Individuals—Schoolcraft, Barbara [.b Batten], 1997

Individuals—Scott, Gordon,

Individuals—Seitz, Charles, 1983

Individuals—Seeley, Irene, 1977

Individuals—Shattuck, Alberta, 1977

Individuals—Shattuck, Lewis

Individuals—Shattuck, Marion [b. Goodhue], 1978

Individuals—Shattuck, Perley, c.1910

Individuals—Shedd, Alicia, 2004

Individuals—Shedd, Tim, 2000

Individuals—Shepard, Kathy

Individuals—Shepard, Steve, 1975

Individuals—Shepard, Wayne

Individuals—Sholan, Lawrence, 2009

Individuals—Simpson, Wally, 1979

Individuals—Sihtsova, Larissa, 1999

Individuals—Silver, Ila, 1981

Individuals—Slayton, Deanna, 1982

Individuals—Slayton, Joyce [m. Mitchell], 197?

Individuals—Smith, Bob, 1980

Individuals—Smith, Charles, 2009

Individuals—Smith, Elizabeth (Betty) [Mrs. John Chester, below], 2000

Individuals—Smith, Francesca [b. Heathsmith],

Individuals—Smith, Joan [b. Pilbin], 1985

Individuals—Smith, John Chester, c1940

Individuals—Smith, Mike, 1982

Individuals—Smith, Nancy Tillotson, 1982

Individuals—Smith, Ralph, c.1920

Individuals—Smith, Lucinda [b. Rochester]

Individuals—Snyder, David, 1981

Individuals—Spaulding, Anna, c1900

Individuals—Speir, Alice [b. Cox], 1921

Individuals—Speir, Allen, 1977

Individuals—Speir, Sharleen, 2009

Individuals—Stevens, Almont (Buster), 1982

Individuals—Stevens, Daniel, 1985

Individuals—Stevens, Madge, c. 1913

Individuals—Stewart, J. Chesley, c. 1943 – Oversized

Individuals—Stratton, Crystal, c1996

Individuals—Stratton, David, 1977

Individuals—Stratton, Mary [b. Bolio], 1981

Individuals—Strong, Willis, 1981

Individuals—Stubbs, Don, 1984

Individuals—Swantko, Jean, 1984

Individuals—Tatro, Barry, 1996

Individuals—Tatro, Lisa, 2005

Individuals—Taylor, Rose, c. 1890

Individuals—Teuscher, James, 2009

Individuals—Thayer, Brian, 1973

Individuals—Thomas, Kathleen, 1980

Individuals—Thomas, Linda, 2009

Individuals—Thomas, Marilyn, 1950

Individuals—Thompson, Wendy, 1984

Individuals—Todd, Wayne, 1980

Individuals—Traynor, Verna, 1977

Individuals—Tripp, Peter, 1982

Individuals—Trembley, John, 2009

Individuals—Trow, Caroline Morse, c. 1870

Individuals—Tucker, Melvin, c. 1921

Individuals—Turek, Ron, 1977

Individuals—Twing, Joyce, 2005

Individuals—Urie, Grant, 1977

Individuals—Urie, Larry, 1984

Individuals—Utley, Gayle, 1977

Individuals—Van Sant, Roger, 1988

Individuals—Vasiliadis, Billy, 2005

Individuals—Vogan, Karen [m. Holmes], 2009

Individuals—Volk, Charlie

Individuals—Voyer, Janet,

Individuals—Ward, Clarence, 1982

Individuals—Warren, A. B., c1960

Individuals—Weaver, Melissa, 1982

Individuals—Weeks, Mayme, 1977

Individuals—Welcome, Billy, 1999

Individuals—Wheeler, Doris, c.1945

Individuals—Wheeler, Mary, c1970

Individuals—Wheeler, Myrtie Thompson, c1920, 1950

Individuals—White, Alice Blanche, 1914

Individuals—White, Henry, c. 1930

Individuals—White, Katherine,1999

Individuals—Whitney, George, 1977

Individuals—Whittaker, Charles, 2009

Individuals—Wiesen, Norma, 1984

Individuals—Willey, Helen Ferland, 1977

Individuals—Williams, Art, 1979

Individuals—Williams, Carol, 1981

Individuals—Williams, Dwayne P., 1979

Individuals—Williams, Earle, c. 1933

Individuals—Williams, Hollis,1980

Individuals—Williams, Jarred, (2004)

Individuals—Williams, Ken, 1982

Individuals—Willis, Sally Anne Lance, 2005

Individuals—Winslow, Kayla, 2005

Individuals—Wright, Milton, 1977

Individuals—Yacavone, Seth, 1997

Individuals—Yankee, Glenn

Individuals—Young, Bob, 1977

Individuals—Zecchinelli, Vincent, 1981

Individuals—Zilius, Ona, 1979

Individuals—Zulu, John, 1977

Inventions—Washing Machine invented by Guy Shepard, c. 1916

Lakes—Hardwick Lake

Lakes—Hardwick Lake—archeological findings, c. 2012

Libraries—Jeudevine Library

Mackville: Places appearing only in Mackville or serving only the Mackville community are listed below using the same logic that applies to the general inventory.


Monuments—Cemetery – Ambrosini, Eleanora

Nichols Ledge (Woodbury)

Organizations includes non-church, not-for-profit organizations — fraternal, charitable, and public service—for all ages of people.

Organizations—4-H Club

Organizations—American Legion

Organizations—American Legion Auxiliary—See American Legion

Organizations—American Red Cross

Organizations—AWARE (Domestic violence mediation)

Organizations—Boy Scouts, see Organizations—Scouting— Boy Scouts

Organizations—Brownie Scouts, see Organizations—Scouting—Brownie Scouts

Organizations—Boys State – Oversized

Organizations—Camp Wapanacki

Organizations—Campfire Girls

Organizations—Center for an Agricultural Economy

Organizations—Center for Northern Studies

Organizations—Child and Family Development Center

Organizations—Community Action Ride Service

Organizations—Craftsbury Chamber Players

Organizations—Cub Scouts, see Organizations—Scouting—Cub Scouts of America

Organizations—Dale Carnegie Alumni Association – Oversized

Organizations – Eastern Star, see Organizations – Order of Eastern Star

Organizations—Eat and Lose Club

Organizations—Explorer Scouts, see Organizations—Scouting—Explorer Scouts


Organizations—Fresh Air Fund

Organizations—Girl Guards of World War II

Organizations—GRACE (Grass Roots Art and Community Effort)

Organizations—Grand Army of the Republic – Oversized


Organizations—Grange—Hardwick – Play, 1927 – Oversized

Organizations—Hardwick Area Agency on the Aging

Organizations—Hardwick Area Business Association

Organizations—Hardwick Area Chamber of Commerce

Organizations—Hardwick Area Community Coalition

Organizations—Hardwick Area Farmers’ Market

Organizations—Hardwick Area Food Pantry, See also Churches–Episcopalian

Organizations—Hardwick Area Health Center

Organizations—Hardwick Area Resource Group

Organizations—Hardwick Children’s Holiday Project

Organizations—Hardwick Cystic Fibrosis

Organizations—Hardwick DeMolay

Organizations—Hardwick Historical Society

Organizations—Hardwick Hospital

Organizations—Hardwick Patch

Organizations—Hardwick Recreation Committee

Organizations—Hardwick Rescue Squad, 1981

Organizations—Hardwick Restoration Justice

Organizations—Hardwick Trails, 2009

Organizations—Hardwick Serve Program

Organizations—Hardwick Senior Center

Organizations—Hardwick Trails Committee

Organizations—Hardwick Women’s Club

Organizations—Hardwick Youth Center

Organizations—Hardwick Volunteer Firemen’s Auxiliary

Organizations—Head Start

Organizations—Heartwick Community Kitchen

Organizations—Herrick’s Rangers


Organizations—Knights of Columbus

Organizations—Knights of Pythias – Oversized

Organizations—Make a Wish Foundation

Organizations—Masons See: Freemasonry

Organizations—Meals on Wheels

Organizations—Modern Woodsmen of America

Organizations—National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry See Organizations—Grange

Organizations—New England Order of Protection – Oversized

Organizations—Northeast Employment & Training Office

Organizations—Northern Roots Growers

Organizations—Order of Eastern Star

Organizations—Parent/Community Leadership Course, 1999

Organizations—Parent-to-Parent Program

Organizations—Peace and Justice Coalition

Organizations—Scouting—Boy Scouts

Organizations—Scouting—Boy Scouts – Oversized

Organizations—Scouting—Brownie Scouts

Organizations—Scouting—Cub Scouts of America

Organizations—Scouting—Explorer Scouts

Organizations—Scouting—Girl Scouts

Organizations—Senior Citizens

Organizations—Senior Trotters

Organizations—Snowflake Ridgerunners

Organizations—Special Olympics

Organizations—Townsend Club

Organizations—United Farmers’ Cooperative Creamery

Organizations—Vermont Children’s Aid Society

Organizations—Vermont Junior Home Guard—Company I, c. 1942-43

Organizations—Vermont Timber Truckers & Producers Association

Organizations—Wit and Wisdom

Parades, 1940s-50s

Parades—Arbor Day, 1910 (view on Church Street)

Parades—Hardwick Centennial, 1892-93

Parks—Memorial Park

Parks—Prospect Park

Parks—Theater Lot Park (Art Park)

Pets—Thomas (cat), 1890

Politicians includes pictures of state or national politicians who visited Hardwick

Politicians—Diamond, Jerry

Politicians—Douglas, Jim, 2005

Politicians—Guest, James

Politicians—Jeffords, Jim

Politicians—Leahy, Patrick, 1979

Politicians—Morse, Gerald, 1984

Politicians—Parker, Scudder, Bernie Sanders, Peter Smith

Politicians—Stafford, Robert

Public Events—Unknown – Oversized

Public Health—Flu Clinic

Railroads – Hardwick and Woodbury

Railroads—Hardwick Depot

Railroads—Hardwick Depot – Oversized

Railroads—Hardwick Depot—Station Master, 1987 (Arthur Cole)

Railroads—Lamoille Valley (St.J. & L.C.)

Railroads—Lamoille Valley—Foliage Tours

Railroads—Lamoille Valley—Santa Claus

Railroads—Shay Engine, 1931

Railroads—St.J. & L.C. [St. Johnsbury and Lake Champlain or St. Johnsbury and Lamoille County]

Railroads—St.J. & L.C.—Wrecks

Railroads—Tracks and Equipment

Recreation includes what people do for fun, typically not competitively. See Sports for competitive recreation.


Recreation—Bands – Oversized

Recreation—Bands—Boy Scout Orchestra, c. 1919

Recreation—Bands—Maple Street Blues



Recreation—Circuses–Robert Bros. Circus, 1998

Recreation—Circuses–Yankee Doodle Circus, 1998




Recreation—Fishing – Gallant, Michael

Recreation—Fishing – Hall, Terry, 1999

Recreation—Hardwick Summer Recreation Programs

Recreation—Historical Re-enactment


Recreation—Hunting—Dufresne, Emile, 1977

Recreation—Hunting—Bear—Campbell, John and Luther Wheeler, 1980

Recreation—Hunting—Coyote—Eastman, Ken andCraig Montgomery, 1985

Recreation—Hunting – Deer – Campbell, Ronald

Recreation—Hunting – Deer – Chapin, Jeremy, 2009

Recreation—Hunting – Deer – DeGoosh, Nicole, 1998

Recreation—Hunting—Deer—Gates, Andy, 200?

Recreation—Hunting – Deer – Manning, Dale,1984

Recreation—Hunting—Deer—Mercier, Dean and Chad Brochu, 2009

Recreation—Hunting—Deer—Moffatt, John and Gerry Vogan, 1984

Recreation—Hunting—Deer—Natale, Domenico, 1979

Recreation—Hunting—Deer—Phelps, Edward, 1981

Recreation—Hunting—Deer—Renaud, Lucien, 1977

Recreation—Hunting—Moose—Erwin Gilcris, Raymond and Michael Parker, Donald Mercier, 1977

Recreation—Ice Skating



Recreation—Mountain Biking


Recreation—Roller Skating




Recreation—Snow Golf

Recreation—Snow Shoeing


Recreation—Sugar Party

Recreation—Ti Kwon Do



Recreation—Theater — Ethel Lane, Florence Taylor Lane, and unidentified others, c. 1912

Recreation—Theater—Operetta, 1899

Recreation—Turkey Shooting (not hunting)

Recreation—Wiffle Ball

Residences include pictures of stand-alone buildings used as homes, organized by street or road. Apartments on the upper floors of commercial buildings appear under Buildings.

Residences—Bridgman Hill

Residences—Bunker Hill—Eisenmann “House II”

Residences—Cherry Street and Lower Cherry

Residences—Church Street

Residences—Church Street—I.P. Titus House

Residences—Cottage Street

Residences—Craftsbury Gulf (Rt. 14)—Pest House(?)

Residences—Daniels Rd

Residences—Dewey Street

Residences—Elm Street


Residences—Good Place

Residences—Granite Street

Residences—High Street

Residences—Highland Ave

Residences—Holton Hill


Residences—Maple Street

Residences—Maple Street—John Bridgman House

Residences—Mill Street

Residences—Mill Street—Powers House

Residences—North Main Street

Residences—North Main—Jeudevine, Bickford, Houghton House

Residences—North Main – LS Robie Tenement

Residences—Riverside Terrace

Residences—South Main Street

Residences—Spring Street

Residences—Summer Street

Residences—Terrace Hill Rd.


Residences—Upper Cherry Street

Residences—West Church Street

Residences—Wolcott Street

Residences—Wolcott Street—Bickford House

Residences—Woodbury Road

Rivers—Cooper Brook

Rivers—Lamoille River See also Wolcott Street, East Hardwick—Rivers–Lamoille River

Roads refers to roads outside the village, or village roads named Road.

Roads—Bayley-Hazen Rd

Roads—Bridgman Hill Rd

Roads—Center Road

Roads—Creamery Road

Roads—Daniels Road

Roads—Hardwick Farm Road

Roads—Industrial Park Road

Roads—Mackville Road

Roads—Rte 14 — Woodbury Gulf

Roads—Rte 15

Roads—Slapp Hill

Roads—Smith Farm Rd

Schools—Adult education

Schools—Buffalo Mountain School

Schools—District 1 (Mackville)

Schools—District 3 (Center Road)

Schools—District 6 (Cobb School)

Schools—District 6 (Jackson Bridge)

Schools—District 10 (Hopkins Hill)

Schools—District 11 (West Hill)

Schools—Green Mountain Technology

Hardwick Academy, as part of the Hardwick Academy and Elementary School, it served as the village high school from 1892 through 1970. It closed in 1970.

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Class Trips, 1960s

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama—c1915–The Family Album

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama – 1924–Hiawatha

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama – 1948–Jr. One-act Plays

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama—1949–Shiny Nose

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama – 1950

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama – 1951 – Pirates of Penzance

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama—1954–Mary Ann

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama—1956–Charge It Please

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama—c. 1957–Minstrel Show

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Drama—1957–Ruffles and Roller Skates

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Music—Bands

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Proms, 1950s

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities–Publications—Yearbook, 1920s

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Activities – Student Government, 1950-1959

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Alumni Association

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Alumni Banquet

Schools—Hardwick Academy–Bell

Schools—Hardwick Academy – Buildings and Grounds – Gymnasium

Schools—Hardwick Academy – Buildings and Grounds – Gymnasium – Oversized

Class groups, regardless of grade level, get filed under their graduating class year. Those showing students in several classes got filed as close to the oldest class as possible.

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students, undated – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1888

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students, spring term, 1896

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students of 1897-98

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1898 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1900-1906 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1904 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1904 (girls)

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1905 (girls)

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1904-05 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students spring term of 1904-05 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students, 1906

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1907

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Younger students, c. 1910

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Older students, 1910

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1910 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1912 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1913

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1913 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1914

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1914 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1915

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1915 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students, 1916

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1916

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1916 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1917

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1917 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1918

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1920

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Student body, c. 1920

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1921

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1922

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students from Classes of 1923-1927, c. 1922

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1923

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1923 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students from classes of 1924-1927, 1923

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1924

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1925

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1926

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students from classes of 1928, 1920

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1928 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1929

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1934

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Students from classes of 1933 and 1934

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1935 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1936

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1940

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1940 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1941

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1941 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1942

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1942 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1944

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1944 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1945

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1945 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1947

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1949

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1951

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1952

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1952 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1953

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1953 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1954

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1954 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1955

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1955 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1956

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1956 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1957

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1958

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1959

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1959 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1960

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1960 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1961

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1961 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1962

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1962 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1963

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1965

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Class of 1966

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Curriculum—Domestic Science, 1919

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Faculty, 1900-1909 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Faculty, 1910-1919 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Faculty, 1920-1929 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Faculty, 1930-1939 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Baseball, 1904 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Baseball, 1910-1919 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Baseball, 1925-1949

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Baseball, 1950-1959

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1900-1909

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1910-1919

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1910-1919 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1920-1929

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1920-1929 – Oversized

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1930-1939

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1940-1949

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Boys,1950-1959

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1900-1909

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1910-1919

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1920-1929

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports – Basketball—Girls, 1930-1939

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1940-1949

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1950-1959

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Cheerleading, 1955, 1969

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Football, c. 1900

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Football, 1940-1949

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 1950-1959

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 1960-1969

Schools—Hardwick Academy—Sports—Track and Field, 1928

Hardwick Elementary, as part of the Hardwick Academy and Elementary School,served as the village elementary school from 1892 through 1971. When the high school students started to attend Hazen Union in 1970, it became the elementary school for the entire town.

Activities refers to non-classroom activities that do not involve a public performance. See also Programs

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Bands, 1983

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Bike-a-thon, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Bowling,

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Chess, 2005

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Childrens’ Book Week, 2004

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Christmas

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Extra Credit, 1970-1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities – Field Trips, 1990-1999

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities – Field Trips, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Fitness Team, 2005

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Gymnastics, 1977-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Halloween, 1970-1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Halloween, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—I Love to Read Day, 1981

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Interclass Writing/Reading, 1977

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Jump Rope for Heart, 2005

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Oral History

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Planet Beauty Contest, 1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Plays, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Poetry Worms, 2005

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Project Day, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—REACH, 2005

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Read-a-thon for M.S.

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Reading is Fundamental

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Ropes Course, 1996

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Science Fair, 1981

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Skiing, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Spelling team, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Square Dancing, 1971

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Step Up (cancer fund raiser)

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Summer Program

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Veterans’ Day

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Winter Carnival

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Activities—Year of the Child, 1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Buildings and Grounds – Gymnasium

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Buildings and Grounds – Renovation, 1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Curriculum – Art, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Curriculum – Art, 2000-2010

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Curriculum – Computers, 1983

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Curriculum – ESEA Title I Enrichment

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Curriculum – Music, 1981

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Curriculum – Social Studies, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Curriculum – Social Studies, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Emblem

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Faculty and Staff

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Faculty and Staff, c. 1909

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Faculty and Staff, 1970-1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Faculty and Staff, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Faculty and Staff, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Faculty and Staff – Assembly honoring Sheryl Easton

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—First week of school, 1977, 1981

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Funding

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Graduation, 1990-1999

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Kindergarten

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Library

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Organizations—Booster Club, 1981

Schools—Hardwick Elementary – Playground, 1970-1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Playground, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Pre-School, 1977

Programs applies to activities that result in a public performance. See also Activities

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—African Studies, 1999

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Bluegrass Festival, 1983

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Christmas, 1948

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Christmas, c. 1960

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Christmas, 1970-1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Christmas, 1983

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Early Literary Day, 2005

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Fourth Grade Play, 2005

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Gong Show, 1977-1985

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Play, 1979 – Land of Point

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Grand Ole Opry Show, 1981

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Sixth Grade Plays, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Talent Show, 1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Programs—Winter Concert

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—School Board Meetings, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1970-1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2010-2019

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1970-1979

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1980-1989

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Soccer, 1977

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 2000-2009

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Spots—Soccer—Boys, 2010-2019

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—T-Ball, 2010-2019

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Sports—Volleyball—Faculty, 1977

Schools—Hardwick Elementary—Students, c.1952

Hazen Union High School, created in 1970 by the union of Hardwick Academy, Greensboro High School, and Woodbury High School, became the high school for Hardwick, Greensboro, and Woodbury.  It also served students accepted students from surrounding towns which paid tuition.

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Adopt-a-Site Program

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Bike Maintenance Workshop

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Career Day

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Carnival, 1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Chinese Week

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Close-up Program, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Dance, 1987

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Drama Club

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Energy Scholars Program, 1981

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—European Trip, 1980

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Fitness Club

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Floor Hockey

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—French Club

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Future Business Leaders of America

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Girl’s State/Boys’ State

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Halloween

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Hazen Coffee House

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Hazen Union Day

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—HOBY World Leadership Congress

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Junior Prom

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Key Club

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Keyettes

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Language Day

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Latin Club

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Library Aides

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Model United Nations Club

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities – Music

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities – Music—Band

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities – Music – Newport Music Festival

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities – Music—Pep Band

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Publications – Yearbook

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities – Music—Chorus

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—National Honor Society

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—National Library Week

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Project Graduation

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities – Recreation Committee

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Scholars’ Bowl

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Science Fair

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Student Council

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Sumobats

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Upward Bound

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Varsity Club

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Vermont Teen Leadership Safety Program

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Winter Carnival

Schools—Hazen Union—Activities—Wreath Making

Schools—Hazen Union—Alumni, 1971-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Alumni, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Annual Meeting, 1983

Schools—Hazen Union—Awards (to the Faculty)

Schools—Hazen Union—Awards (to the School)

Schools—Hazen Union—Awards (to the Students)

Schools—Hazen Union—Awards Banquet, 1977

Schools—Hazen Union—Buildings and Grounds

Class groups, regardless of grade level, get filed under their graduating class year. Those showing students in several classes got filed as close to the oldest class as possible.

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1971

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1971 – Oversized

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1974

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1975

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1977

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1982

Schools – Hazen Union—Class of 1984

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1985

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1986

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1987

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 1997

Schools—Hazen Union—Class of 2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Crime at

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Art

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Biology

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Building Trades

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Business

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Drafting

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum—English

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Forestry 

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Home Economics

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Industrial Arts

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Junemester, 2018

Schools—Hazen Union—Curriculum – Social Studies

Schools—Hazen Union—Equipment – Universal Gym, 1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Faculty and Staff

Schools—Hazen Union—Faculty and Staff—Skits

Schools—Hazen Union—Food Service

Schools—Hazen Union—Funding, 2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Graduation

Schools—Hazen Union—Granite Sign

Schools—Hazen Union—Programs—Indian Dinner and Sari Fashion Show, 2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Programs—Plays

Schools—Hazen Union—Programs—Pops Concert, 1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Programs—Spring Concert

Schools—Hazen Union—Programs—Winter Concert

Schools—Hazen Union—School Board

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Alumni Games

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Baseball, 1970-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Baseball, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Baseball, 1990-1999

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Baseball, 2000-2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Baseball, 2010-2019

Since a basketball season covers two calendar years, we filed pictures in the year the season ends.


Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—All Stars, 2000

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1970-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1980

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1981

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1982

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1983

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 1990

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2000 – 2005

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2007

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2008

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2010

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2011

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2012

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2013

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2014

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2015

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2016

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2017

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2018

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Boys, 2019

Schools—Hazen Union – Sports—Basketball—Faculty Games

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Fans, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Fans, 1990-1999

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Fans, 2010-2019

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1970-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 1990-1999

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports – Basketball—Girls, 2007

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports – Basketball—Girls, 2008

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports – Basketball—Girls, 2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 2010

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Girls, 2011

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Basketball—Hazen Hoop Camp

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Cheerleading, 1970-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Cheerleading, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Cross Country, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Cross Country, 2000-2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Field Hockey

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Golf

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Lacrosse, 1970-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Scoreboard, 1982

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 1970-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 1990 – 1999

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 2000 – 2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Soccer—Boys, 2010

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Soccer—Girls, 1990 – 1999

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Soccer—Girls, 2000 – 2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Softball, 1970-1979

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Softball, 1980

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Softball, 1981

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Softball, 1985

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Softball, 2008

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Softball, 2010

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Softball, 2011

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Track and Field, 1980-1989

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Track and Field, 2000-2009

Schools—Hazen Union—Sports—Track and Field, 2010-2017

Schools—Hazen Union—Students—Unidentified Groups

Schools—Hazen Union—Summer School

Schools—OSSU—District Staff, 1980-1989

Sports includes competitive recreational activities, unaffiliated with the school system, for all ages

Sports—Auto racing


Sports—Baseball—Babe Ruth1970-1979

Sports—Baseball—Babe Ruth, 1980-1989

Sports—Baseball—Hardwick Little League

Sports—Baseball—PeeWee, 1970-1979

Sports—Baseball—PeeWee, 1980-1989

Sports—Basketball—AAU, 2000-2009

Sports—Basketball—Basketball Camp, 2000-2009

Sports—Basketball—Boy Scouts, 1910-1919

Sports—Basketball—Gary Whipple’s “Pup Camp”, 2009

Sports—Basketball—Hardwick Independents, c. 1905

Sports—Basketball—Men’s, 1985

Sports—Basketball—Saturday Night League, 1948-1949

Sports—Basketball—Senior Steppers, 2008


Sports—Basketball—TownTeam – Oversized

Sports—Basketball—BBB Women’s Team, 1915 – Oversized

Sports—Basketball—Woodbury Granite Company, c. 1925

Sports—Bowling—Bantam Bowling League

Sports—Bowling—Hardwick Men’s Bowling League

Sports—Bowling—Hardwick Women’s Bowling League

Sports—Bowling—Men and Women

Sports—Boxing—Hardwick Boxing Club

Sports—Boxing—Northeast Kingdom Boxing Tournament



Sports—Lumberjack Roundup

Sports—Soccer—Hardwick Area Soccer Camp, 1982

Sports—Soccer—Hardwick Lines, 1979

Sports—Soccer—Hardwick Soccer Club, 1980-1989

Sports—Soccer—Hardwick Soccer Club, 2000-2009

Sports—Soccer—Hardwick Soccer Club, 2010-2019



Sports—Softball—Girls – Hardwick All Stars, 1983

Sports—Softball—Men’s, 1980-1989

Sports—Softball—Women’s, 1980-1989

Streets refers to streets in the village, or rural roads named Street.

Streets—Church Street

Streets—Cottage Street

Streets—Good Place

Streets—Hardwick Street (East Hardwick)

Streets—Highland Avenue

Streets—Lower Cherry Street

Streets—Main Street—Pre-1910

Streets—Main Street—Pre-1910 – Oversized

Streets—Main Street—1910-1949

Streets—Main Street—1910-1949 – Oversized

Streets—Main Street—1950-1989

Streets—Main Street—1990-

Streets—Main Street—Fence

Streets—Maple Street

Streets—Mill Street

Streets—Mill Street – Oversized

Streets—North Main Street

Streets—Slapp Hill

Streets—Slapp Hill – Oversized

Streets—South Main Street

Streets—Spring Street

Streets—Square, The

Streets—Square, The – Oversized


Streets—West Church

Streets—Wolcott Street

Streets—Wolcott Street – Oversized



Topics—Crime in Hardwick

Topics—Murder in Hardwick (Bernard Ewen and Joan Gray), 1977

Topics – Snow

Transportation—Automobiles (including the first in Hardwick owned by Herman Marsh)

Transportation—Horse drawn

Transportation—Mules and Tank Wagon


United States—Post Office —Employees

Vermont—National Guard

We list Weddings and Engagements by the groom’s name. See also Friends, Individuals, and Families

Weddings and Engagements—Ainsworth, Rusty and Kathy Yoder

Weddings and Engagements—Allen, Edith

Weddings and Engagements—Allen, Wyman and Laura Potvin

Weddings and Engagements—Bailey, Richard and Dawn Rogers

Weddings and Engagements—Batten, Robert and Lydia Brochu

Weddings and Engagements—Bellavance, Gary and Sharon Hudson

Weddings and Engagements—Bellavance, John and Amy Brochu

Weddings and Engagements—Bellavance, Michael and Deborah Hall

Weddings and Engagements—Billings, Max and Audrey Allen

Weddings and Engagements—Blair, Wayne and Kelly

Weddings and Engagements—Blaisdale, Wayne, Jr. and Kathy Shepard

Weddings and Engagements—Boston, Joseph and Marcia Fern

Weddings and Engagements—Brochu, Bernard and Nancy Trusdell

Weddings and Engagements—Brochu, Kevin and Julie Gaboriault

Weddings and Engagements—Burbank, Kirk and Margaret Carr

Weddings and Engagements—Burbank, Kirk and Margaret Carr

Weddings and Engagements—Burnham, David William and Kathryn Hark

Weddings and Engagements—Burke, Peter Richard and Donna Lynn Bovatt

Weddings and Engagements—Celley, Willis and Pamela Willey

Weddings and Engagements—Choquette, Marcel and Carol Williams

Weddings and Engagements—Cowles, Billy and Jennifer Leslie

Weddings and Engagements—Daannati, Wayne and Delores Ann Gravel

Weddings and Engagements—Darling, Tim and Shari Young

Weddings and Engagements—Davis, Kenneth and Theresa Lambert

Weddings and Engagements—Decell, Norbert and Jolene Allen

Weddings and Engagements—Demers, Michael and Annette Gaboriot

Weddings and Engagements—Demers, Paul and Tammy Hartman

Weddings and Engagements—Demers, Roger and Nancy Brochu

Weddings and Engagements—Doherty, Brien and Gail Besette

Weddings and Engagements—Dufresne, Lucien and Paula Goodrich

Weddings and Engagements—Dunn, Tom and Monique Putvain

Weddings and Engagements—Ewen, Arnold J. and Diane Backet

Weddings and Engagements—Fontain, Matthew and Nicole Degoosh

Weddings and Engagements—Foster, Julie

Weddings and Engagements—Foster, Scott and Ruth Sholan

Weddings and Engagements—Fournier, Edward and Marie

Weddings and Engagements—Fournier, Emile and Diane LeCours Ingraham

Weddings and Engagements—Fradette, Robert and Deborah Bolio

Weddings and Engagements—Goodreau, Maurice and Rita

Weddings and Engagements—Hayden, Bruce and Heidi Weglars

Weddings and Engagements—Hill, Dean and Ann Gaboriot

Weddings and Engagements—Hill, W. Samuel and Caroline Neal

Weddings and Engagements—Hodgdin, Brent and Laurie Tolman

Weddings and Engagements—Howard, Roger and Sandra Buck

Weddings and Engagements—Humphries, Andrew and Andrea Putvain

Weddings and Engagements—Huson, John and Monica Fontaine

Weddings and Engagements—Jewett, Randall and Jennifer Swink

Weddings and Engagements—Kaufman, Jacques and Diane Rogers

Weddings and Engagements—Kidder, Gordon, Jr. and Doris McNaulty

Weddings and Engagements—LaCasse, Brian and Debbie Davison

Weddings and Engagements—Laird, Ernie and Jane Reilly

Weddings and Engagements—LeCours, Jeff and Joyce Martineau

Weddings and Engagements—LeMay, Denis and Ahlin, Janice Ruth

Weddings and Engagements—Lowell, Jason and Jamie Daley

Weddings and Engagements—Lussier, Gregory and Sherry Trusdale

Weddings and Engagements—Luther, Nathan and Melissa Montgomery

Weddings and Engagements—Manning, Dale and Danelle Parrish

Weddings and Engagements—Martin, Christopher and Suzi Young

Weddings and Engagements—Mason, Edmund and Laurie Ward

Weddings and Engagements—McAllister, Matthew and Stacey Lambert Davis

Weddings and Engagements—McGinness, Brad and Elaine Farr

Weddings and Engagements—Mead, Bradford and Lemire, Catherine

Weddings and Engagements—Mehalic, Matthew and Michelle Gendron

Weddings and Engagements—Menard, Ivan and Brenda Williams

Weddings and Engagements—Michaud, Michael and SusanHill

Weddings and Engagements—Osborn, John and Sierra Sweig

Weddings and Engagements—Ovitt, Craig Paul and Terri Lynn Ainsworth, 1984

Weddings and Engagements—Putvain, Darlene

Weddings and Engagements—Quinn, Arthur and Joanne Kuebaugh

Weddings and Engagements—Rafferty, Brian Richard and Judy Ann Gamble

Weddings and Engagements—Renaud, Damien and Suzanne Audette

Weddings and Engagements—Renaud, Daniel and Kelly Barnes

Weddings and Engagements—Renaud, O’Neal and Amy LeBlanc

Weddings and Engagements—Richardson, Gary and Peggy Stevens

Weddings and Engagements—Richardson, Maurice and Charmaine McNaulty

Weddings and Engagements—Rodrigues, Brian and Lynne Pronto

Weddings and Engagements—Roy, Fernando and Marie

Weddings and Engagements—Rubalcava, Gary and Mary Theresa Bellavance

Weddings and Engagements—Salls, Ed and Karen Coburn

Weddings and Engagements—Sartelle, David and Lisa Corrow

Weddings and Engagements—Schuh, Eric and Emily Ricter

Weddings and Engagements—Sharron, William and Kimberly Heath

Weddings and Engagements—Shepard, David and Johna Martineau

Weddings and Engagements—Shepard, Joe and Kristen Peacock

Weddings and Engagements—Shepard, Wade and Joleen Kennison

Weddings and Engagements—Stratton, Eric David and Jennifer Lynn Ewen

Weddings and Engagements—Thayer, Ben and Beverly Mayr

Weddings and Engagements—Thompson, Timothy and Sally Prescott

Weddings and Engagements—Volk, Nicholas and Juliette Hancock

Weddings and Engagements—Whitney, Doug and Angie Belnap

Weddings and Engagements—Willey, Matthew and Tina Montgomery

Weddings and Engagements—Willey, Philip and Andrea Hussey

Weddings and Engagements—Williams, Dwayne and Mary Farnham

Weddings and Engagements—Witting, Derek and Carman Fontaine

Weddings and Engagements—Zucco, Paul and Sandra Campbell

World War, 1939-1945 —Scrap Drive