Cemetery Records

Updated October 23, 2021.

Between 2017 and 2020, a team of 5 people went through every cemetery in Hardwick and recorded each stone’s position and the essential elements of its inscription. The project leader then used the information to create a database for each cemetery; she included lengthy inscriptions at the end of each file, organized by surname.

These links connect to .pdf versions of those databases: Fairview Cemetery, Hardwick Center Cemetery (10 pages), Bayley-Hazen Road Cemetery (8 pages), Main Street Cemetery (21 pages), more Main Street Cemetery (25 pages), Maple Street Cemetery (12 pages), Norris Family Cemetery (1 page), Old Sanborn Cemetery (22 pages), New Sanborn Cemetery (16 pages), West Hill Cemetery (6 pages). Note: The files are organized by row; you can search .pdf files for names using Control F (Intel), Command F (Mac), or the Magnifying Glass icon (mobile devices).

These links connect to findagrave.com. The HHS has no control over the content: Fairview Cemetery, Hardwick Center Cemetery, Bayley-Hazen Road Cemetery, Main Street Cemetery, Maple Street Cemetery, Norris Family Cemetery, Sanborn Cemetery, West Hill Cemetery.


1) All human endeavors involve errors. If you find any, tell us at info@ hardwickvthistory.org.

2) The files contain only information from the stones, but the stones don’t contain all the information available. For instance, the first entry in Hardwick’s death records notes the death of Israel and Sally Sanborn’s infant son in October 1794. The second entry records the death of Sally and Israel Sanborn’s twin boys in July, 1795; both died the day they were born. Hardwick established its first formal cemetery in March, 1800, when it paid Israel Sanborn $6.00 for an acre of land on which to create a “burying yard.” It then voted another $5.50 to have the ground cleared, fenced, and seeded. The cemetery contains no markers for the 3 Sanborn infants, though many other Sanborn family members do have a marker.